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Make Money Online for Free

“So, here are the best ways to earn money online”

#1 Do Data Entry Work

Data entry/input work involves entering data from various sources into the company’s computer system in a required set of formats. In this work, you will be required to devote few hours a day to take and paste the online information which is confidential. For this, you will be needing computer skills, an internet connection, and a desktop/laptop.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Prepare and sort documents accordingly.
  • Enter the data into the database software and checking the accuracy of the information that has been implemented.
  • Resolving any kind of discrepancy in the information.
  • Creating data backups from time to time.

#2 Offer Online Customer Service

Online customer service is all about solving queries and helping customers of a company via the internet. This role includes handling customer complaints, answering questions, solving customer’s troubleshooting issues, and giving additional information related to products and services.

You will work as an online customer care service executive of a company that handles the current and formal customers and provide specific hours of support.



Skills Required

  • Strong verbal and written communication.
  • Passion for serving customers and showing loyalty.
  • Maintaining trust factor among customers.
  • Adapt to a particular communication style and tone.
  • Maintain user-friendly communication standards.
  • Tech-savvy.

#3 Be a Virtual Assistant

Another best way to earn money online is to become a virtual assistant remotely. A virtual assistant is a professional for a company to do all the communication-related work like the following:

  • Draft and send emails
  • Do research work
  • Writing content related copies
  • Moderate comments

To become a virtual assistant of a company, you have to be strong in verbal and written communication skills, tech-savvy, maintain a code of conduct, and more.

#4 Work as Admin & Secretarial Employee

Work online like a personal secretary or an admin professional of an enterprise. This work involves more of a smart-driven approach in terms of scheduling the meetings of the senior-most professional of a company. You have to create the to-do list for the CEO, check the schedule, organize meetups, sign the relevant documents, and other tasks.

On the other side, an admin professional could be in the IT department or the HR department of an organization that handles the daily tasks like the following:

  • Handling the employee’s data.
  • Taking care of the attendance sheet.
  • Listing people for the interview.
  • Troubleshooting system remotely.

And, much more.

#5 Do Typing & Writing Online

Typing & writing online is one of the most demanded online jobs available today for remote workers. For these people, you will be engaged to do typing of the document from one format to another as per the company’s requirements.

As for writing, you can get indulged in creative writing, content writing, copywriting, and like. This profile involves writing technical and non-technical content for a company’s products and services.

Skills Required for this Profile

  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Typing speed at least of 30-word per min.
  • Internet savvy.
  • Do research and development.
  • Writing as per user’s requirements.

#6 Envelope Filling

Envelope filling is also called the envelope stuffing job in which you will be hired without requiring any professional skills and education background.

The work of envelope filling is all about sending money of a small amount to a company as a processing fee. After that, the company sends you all the postage stamps and other things that you stuff inside an envelope and send the same to addresses given by the company.

The payment you receive from this work is on the basis of envelope replies received by the company from the people whom you sent the same.

#7 Perform Social Media Management

Another quite interesting and zero investment work you can do online to make the additional sum of money are doing social media marketing for a company. As a social media enthusiast, you need to handle the social media platforms for a company to increase likes, comments, and traffic.

For this profile, you have to create interesting post content, do regular posting, add new people, add new groups, reach people, send personal DM, and more.

#8 Do Sales & Marketing

As the name itself implies, you will be hired as a remote basis sales & marketing executive of a company. You will work as a professional who does online marketing for the company’s products/services and let them reach the target audience.

The other part of this role is generating sales across a targeted demographic of the people and increase the ROI of the company.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Making cold calls to interested buyers.
  • Send emails
  • Market product/services online.
  • Reach users.
  • Communicate with existing customers.

#9 Fill Online Surveys

The simplest way to make money online without any investment is by filling out online surveys and submits the same on the company’s platform. You will be given a daily target of filling few online surveys with the required information online and submit them within a particular time limit.

Apart from good verbal and written communication skills, there is no such additional skill required from your side. Make the best use of your desktop/laptop with the internet connection to fill and submit as many surveys as you want to make more money.

#10 Do Mastery Shopping

One of the most important parts of the retail business is to provide an improved level of customer experience. Mastery shopping is that one part of understanding the customer experience at a retail store. Under this profile, you will be hired as a professional to visit a particular retail store to understand the quality of products, how well customers are served, find any kind of discrepancy or issue.

The primary reason for this work is to engage more and more customers with quality products and an optimum level of service at the retail store. For this work, you will be given proper online training to look after various retail store parameters.

#11 Product Testing

A highly technical and proficient work to do online is performing product testing remotely. For this, you must be having prior experience in working as a product tester. Under this role, you will be given a website or a mobile app and test the same based on different categories like speed, performance, features, usability, load, stress, and more. It is one of the most highest-paying online works on our list.



Making money online is simple yet a smart process. All you have to do is find your interest and a few professional skills as per the above-mentioned options. Start making money digitally in this new and revolutionary age.


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